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President Mike Casey stepping down
Hotel Workers Beat Hilton
It's the Class War, Stupid
Bankers and Speculators Rule
Hotel Bosses Try to Play Rope-a-Dope
The Wharton School of Business
2009: Year of Hope and Struggle
Workers Win, Fight On (9-20-2006)
High Stakes in Hotel Battle (9-04-2006)
Hotels Recruiting Scabs (8-30-2006)
Workers Authorize Strike (8-25-2006)
Strike Vote Today (8-24-2006)
Union Sets Strike Vote (8-11-2006)
Lockout Continues (2004)
Fat Cats, Scabs, Fires & Marines (2004)
Report from the Front (2004)
The Earth Moves Again (2004)
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About Marc Norton Online


Marc Norton
has been a member of San Francisco's hotel, restaurant
and culinary workers union, UNITE HERE Local 2, since 1976.

Long-time UNITE HERE Local 2 President Mike Casey Stepping Down
What's ahead (and behind) for San Francisco's iconic hotel workers union,
and an interview with Casey's successor, Anand Singh

SF Bay View
May 11, 2015


No Concessions: Hotel Workers Beat Hilton, Fight On
Fog City Journal
March 9, 2011

It's the Class War, Stupid
Beyond Chron
January 18, 2011

Hotel Workers and Guests Only a "Pawn in Their Game" –
Bankers and Real Estate Speculators Rule the Industry
Beyond Chron
May 24, 2010

Money for Healthcare, Jobs,
Education, Public Services - Not War!
Beyond Chron
March 17, 2010

The Hotel Bosses Try to Play Rope-A-Dope
Beyond Chron
September 28, 2009

The Wharton School of Business
vs. San Francisco Hotel Workers
Beyond Chron
June 26, 2009

2009:  Year of Hope and Struggle
for San Francisco Hotel Workers
Beyond Chron
February 3, 2009


» 2006 ARTICLES «

Hotel Workers Win, Fight On
Beyond Chron
September 19, 2006

High Stakes in Hotel Worker Battle
Beyond Chron
September 4, 2006

Hotels Recruiting Scabs
Beyond Chron
August 30, 2006

Hotel Workers Authorize Strike --
93% Vote Yes
Beyond Chron
August 25, 2006

Hotel Workers Strike Vote Today
Beyond Chron
August 24, 2006

Hotel Union Sets Strike Vote
Beyond Chron
August 11, 2006


» 2004 ARTICLES «

Lockout Continues
Beyond Chron
November 8, 2004

Fat Cats, Scabs, Fires and Marines
Beyond Chron
October 12, 2004

Report from
the Front
Beyond Chron
October 5, 2004

The Earth
Moves Again
Beyond Chron
October 1, 2004