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the "CHICAGO 10"

The movie page editors headlined [Mick LaSalle's]... review: 'Chicago 10' painted as heroes,
but they come off as obnoxious
. Oy vey.
Millions murdered in a crazy war on the other side of the world by that infamous President from Texas (Lyndon "How many boys did you kill today?" Johnson, not today's imposter George W. Bush), thousands and thousands of young draftees thrown into the vortex of slaughter -- and Abbie Hoffman is obnoxious?


Rendition, the gripping new movie by award-winning South African director Gavin Hood, is suffering the fate of many good political films -- damned by faint praise.


SIR! NO SIR! tells the courageous story of mass resistance to the Vietnam war by active-duty GIs.
This is a story that the corporate media,
the politicians, establishment historians and the entertainment industry have worked overtime to bury.