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Sleepless in
San Francisco as
Two-Year Hotel Boycott Bangs On

New America Media
by Hannah Palmer

July 13, 2012

Hotel Frank Workers
Are Fighting
For All of Us

Talking Union
by Marc Norton

June 29, 2012

West Coast Unity for San Francisco Hotel Workers

Community Radio
by Labor Radio

June 13, 2011

Not the Usual Suspects:
Workers Picket Provenance Hotels
in Portland
and Seattle
to Support
San Francisco Hotel Frank Workers

Beyond Chron
by Marc Norton

May 5, 2011

Yoshi's has hotel workers singing the blues.
Will Sweet Honey In The Rock be next?

Beyond Chron
by Marc Norton

April 19, 2011

San Francisco's Hotel Frankenstein
Puts on a
Horror Show
for Employees

Beyond Chron
by Carl Finamore

October 14, 2010

Trouble is Brewing
at Hotel Frank

Hotel Chatter
by Juliana

October 5, 2010

Hotel Frank
fires key
union organizer

San Francisco
Bay Guardian
by Steven Jones

October 4, 2010

Lembi's legacy:
Labor strife at Hotel Frank follows its namesake's sullied reputation

San Francisco Bay Guardian
by Steven Jones

September 21, 2010